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Eyes Makeup Brush Set

Eyes Makeup Brush Set

Eyes Makeup Brush Set is the ultimate makeup brush set with all the brushes you need for a perfect eye look for everyday and parties!


The set contains:

Eye Shadow Brush #1.4
Brow / Angled Brush #1.5
Eyeshadow Medium Angled Brush #1.15 (NEW! Comes with set only)
Smudger Brush #1.16 (NEW! Comes with set only)


Eyeshadow Brush

The Eyeshadow Brush is a soft and dense make-up brush for applying eyeshadow. The make-up brush's curved shape means that it also works perfectly to blend the make-up with.


Brow / Angled Brush

Brow/Angled Brush is a 2-sided make-up brush specially developed for applying brow products. One side to shape and comb through the brows, and another side with an oblique angle to define and apply the product in an easy way.


Eyeshadow Medium Angled Brush

A soft, angled make-up brush for applying and blending a perfect eye shadow.


Smudger Brush

A short, rounded make-up brush to give precise definition around the eye or to apply eye shadow like eyeliner.

Cleaning tips!

By cleaning your makeup brushes, you avoid skin impurities, extend the shelf life and improve the performance of your brushes. We recommend the Urban Glow Squeecky Clean Makeup Brush Cleansing Spray, this is an easy-to-use cleaning spray to keep your brushes clean and fresh between uses.


  • Spray directly on the brush
  • Rub the brush in circular motions until all dirt is gone


The makeup brushes are 100% vegan.

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